DJ Hercules DJ Control Instinct P8 – Mesa Mezclas DJ [ultraportátil con 8 Pads de Samples y Salidas de Audio para Usar con Auriculares y Altavoces]

DJ Hercules DJ Control Instinct P8 – Mesa Mezclas DJ [ultraportátil con 8 Pads de Samples y Salidas de Audio para Usar con Auriculares y Altavoces]

Descripción del producto
Tough and tested core DNA The DJControl Instinct P8 boasts the same strengths as its predecessor. Featuring an ultra-instinctive approach, combined with a compact and robust design, this all-in-one controller has built-in audio and essential mix and remix features. Following the same philosophy, the DJControl Instinct P8 is a full-featured, simple and affordable controller. All you need is a computer (PC or Mac) with a USB port to connect the controller, a set of speakers, headphones, music files, and you’re all set to become the party’s entertainer! From mix to performance The brand’s newcomer introduces a new feature: remixing! Thanks to its 8 multi-coloured pads and the latest version of DJUCED 40°, your mix enters a whole new dimension: performance! Combined with DJUCED 40°’s multilayer sampler, its 8 ergonomic and responsive pads enable you to produce highly creative remixes, while also delivering precise performance and high-quality feel. DJUCED 40°’s intelligence lets you keep the rhythm and the structure of tracks intact, no matter what you’re doing. DJUCED’s partnership with Loop masters will provide comprehensive and scalable content, via built-in sample packs. Features  Dual-deck DJ controller 8 sample pads with multi-coloured lighting, allowing better comprehension Loop mode can be triggered temporarily, using the pads, or permanently, using the encoder Effects control and adjustment Dedicated SYNC, Cue, Play/Pause buttons Separate MODES on each deck Touch-sensitive deck and SCRATCH mode 3-band equalizer with volume fader and crossfader More functions are accessible using the SHIFT button Built-in sound card with 2 RCA outputs for mixing and a 1.8’/3.5 mm mini-jack stereo output for previewing tracks on headphones Detachable USB cable Easy to install, USB-powered port; no drivers required PC / Mac compatible

Precio: EUR 87,99

  • Controlador de DJ de 2 decks: 2 jog wheels con detección de presión; controles del mezclador en el centro, y controles de decks individuales a la izquierda y la derecha
  • 8 pads de samples con iluminación multicolor, que permite una mejor comprensión
  • Tarjeta de sonido integrada con 2 salidas RCA para mezclar y una salida mini-jack estéreo de 3,5 mm para hacer escucha previa de pistas en auriculares
  • ¡Combinada con la última versión de DJUCED 40, la controladora DJControl Instinct P8 proporciona una experiencia completa, desde la mezcla hasta la producción!
  • Incluye cable USB desmontable; fácil de instalar, puerto alimentado por USB; sin necesidad de controladores

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